La blockchain, pourquoi et comment l'utiliser ?



Everyone has heard about Distributed Ledger Technology and blockchain. For some people, “blockchain could revolutionize the world economy”and pave the way to the Internet of Value; for others, it is “the most over- hyped technology ever.” Away from prejudices, beyond a fancy database, a blockchain has unique properties and business characteristics, including tokenization, accountability, immutability, and reliability. These properties make blockchain a good technological trusted third party.

Blockchain genesis and first applications were in the financial industry through peer-to-peer transactions and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain’s unique properties can fuel a variety of enterprise use cases. By reducing the transaction costs drastically, the blockchain can leverage new business models, reorganize the value chains, and introduce new usages based, for instance, on asset tokenization. It can also streamline exchanges between

organizations relying on trusted automation and automatic business pro-cesses, hence increasing operational excellence substantially. The customer experience can also greatly benefit from blockchain by redefining the experience and relationships between organizations, brands, and individuals.

There are different types of blockchains: public, consortium, and private. Each covers specific use cases. A consortium blockchain offers a pragmatic way of setting up B2B use cases centered on cross-organizational business processes. Public blockchains are more oriented toward B2C but are still too complicated to be used by the end users.

From a project point of view, essential subjects should be considered well ahead of time to mitigate risks and ensure success. These subjects include the business case, the use case, the user experience, regulation, and governance. Technical topics such as blockchain choice, architecture, environment, and scalability must also be considered carefully. Embracing the blockchain culture also means that the organizations must transform themselves, with a shift of mindsets and operations from a “centralized”approach to a “decentralized” one while reinventing the way they collaborate as part of an ecosystem.



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